For many seniors, living at home is what’s best for both their health and their happiness. Reverse Mortgages have helped many seniors do just that.  Heres an article that appeared in the Maine Beacon called “When it comes to aging, home is the best” 

At 67, Claire has thought a lot about aging. When her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, Claire and her siblings were determined that she would stay at home. After her aunt fell and needed 24-hour care, Claire watched how quickly she deteriorated living away in a nursing home.

“Home is the best,” Claire said in an interview with Beacon.

“I think we just all felt that the quality of [my mother’s] care would be much greater if she was in her own home,” she continued. “For one thing, her needs were recognized immediately and she could get what she needed immediately. For instance, if she had to use the bathroom, it was like, ‘Yep, okay, let’s get you to the bathroom.’ If she was hungry, we were right there to give her a snack. If she felt sad about something, we were there to put an arm around her and comfort her. If we noticed that she wasn’t feeling well, we right there and alert.”

For nearly eight years, Claire and her siblings took on the responsibility of caring for their mother, which Claire acknowledges was exhausting and took a financial toll as they often had to sacrifice work to be with her day in and out.

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